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The Belis Fantanele Lake

The Belis Fantanele Lake is an artificial lake of accumulation from Gilaului Mountains, Cluj county. It was built in the period 1970-1974 with aim hidroenergetic on the course of Hot Somes. It has the surface of 9, 8 km 2 and the length of 13 km and it is placed to an altitude of 990 m. On the border of the lake we found out the Belis-Fantanele resort.  

The lake were projected on the superior course of Hot Somes, the zone of the lake Fantanele is placed in the western of Cluj county, in the north part of the mountains Apuseni, to an altitude of approximate 1. 000 m, to confluence among the mountains Gilaului( placed to the east), the mountains Vladeasa (placed to west) and Muntele Mare (placed in south). To the end of the '60 years. In the period 1970-1974 the inhabitants of the old commune Belis had to move to the actual location of the village. Hamlets such as Milioan, Ples, Dadesti, Bolojesti or Giurcuta de Jos are now just memorries and just in the very droughty summers, when the water of the lake diminishes very much, you can see the ruins of abandoned houses, the most famous beeing the ruins of the old church from Belis.

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The Belis Fantanele Lake
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