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The Glacier Cave Scarisoara

It is placed to an altitude of 1165 m, to the margin of the cavity platter Scarisoara. The total length of the cave is about 720 m and its depth about 105 m. The access is done from an abyss of 48 of meters depth and 60 of meters in diameter. To the base of the abyss is placed the gate of the cave that is the  access to an immense hight hall called The Big Hall, with a diameter of approximate 47 m, that continues toward NV with another two willing halls one in afterwards of the other: The Little Hall and The Church. In the Southern of The Big Hall is opened the large entrance of 15 m large and of 7 m high of Maxim Pop Gallery, which comes down 68 m and gives into The Big Reservation of the cave.  Thereout is walked up in the Cathedral. From the Cathedral, is passed in Culoarul Coman through a little window, the most warm sector of the cave (+ 5 C) also without ice. From the Big Hall is arrived in The Little Reservation. In the east-northen sector of The Little Reservation is losted the Sanzienei Palace.  The block of flats of the ice has a volume of 75.000 m cube and an average thickness of 16 m and is losted in The Big Hall.

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