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The Bear's Cave

It was discovered at September 17th 1975, when, because of a dynamitation in the career from Chiscau, it was formeda break through wich came down the shotsman miner Curta Traian from locality. After the scientific researches, a part of the was aranged and electrificated, being opened for tourists at July the 14th 1980.( Pathes of access: On DN 76 Oradea-Deva, with derivation to km 86 in Sudrigiu, then still 16 km up to Chiscau).

The Bearís Cave doesn't impress through sizes, but through fantastic agglomeration of spelean formations, being from this point of view, unique for the touristic caves.

Here is placed a big number of grout fossils of the bear of cave( Ursus spelaeus) disappeared of approximate 15.000 years ago. The entrance in cave is done through a pavilion of touristic exploitation. The total length is over 1.500 m, from which the inferior level has length of approximate 700 m and it is closed to tourists, being a scientific reservation (Class A sector).

The superior part is aranged with pavements, banister, on a total length of 847 m and it is composed from three galleries: The Bearís Gallery, The "Emil Racovita" Gallery and the Candels Galleriy. The first gallery is not that poor in formations, richly in scheletic grout of bear of the cave, the really beauties being intent in the other two galleries. Comimg out is done through a fantastic gallery ornated with stalagmites in the form of candles, the last hall being symbolicly named "The Elder Council".

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