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The Dragon's Cave (Onceasa)

The Dragon's Cave from Onceasa is situated in the Bihorului Mountains. You can arrive relatively easy through the cave, you can fiind the route description in most touristic guides of the zone. The most known route comes from Padis through Warm Somesul Quays and arrives at Onceasa Glade. The entrance in cave is found in one of the rocky walls  in the proximity of the glade. The Onceasa Cave became famous in the country and outwards because the huge amount of droppings of  "cave bear" bared here.  For the inhabitants from the close zones this represented longtime a reasons of fear and of mystery because of the unusual sizes of the reliquiae. All this inhabitants named this cave the Dragon's Cave. Because of those bared here, the Dragon's Cave from Onceasa suffered, for a long time, a process of deterioaration. The cave is accessible for tourists.

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