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The Livin Fire Glacier

The Living Fire glacier is a cave sheltering of third block of flats of fossil as size from the country( after Scarisoara Glacier and Avenul Bortig, also Natural Park Apuseni), with a volume of approximate 25.000 m3. It is a teeny cave, composed from two halls, in the 1st onebeing the huge block of flats of ice. This ceiling is broken by a big window through wich droped inside logs, leafs as well as the snow,  forming a big knoll. Through the cave ceiling penetrates sufficient light disclosing the groups of ice stalagmites finded out in opposed side the entrance.

Otherwise, around the hours of the lunch, the sunbeams interpenetrating the window create a fairy decor. The explanation of the ice block in the cave is given by two elements: The window from ceiling favors the accumulation of the cold air, and the absence of ventilation in the cave maintains the captive cold air all the year round.

Visits are permited up to wooden banister through the entrance, where from can be noticed all described previously.

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