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Warm Somes Quyes

Radesei Citadel is found to the origin of Warm Somes. The cave can be  found in a advanced stage of evolution, illustrating perfectly the way the transformation of its rooms progressed. The cave has a portal of 15 m height and 7 m width, ogival, in which enters the brook Radeasa.

The cave has an unique gallery, formed of a long tunnel of 212 m, with big halls and chimneys that exist through the cave ceiling. The five windows created by these chimneys, leave the beams to penetrate into the cave. Down-stream, the tunnel continues with a long canyon of  50 m and very narrow.

The cave can be visited beacuse of its facilities (woody scales and rustic bridges). From down-stream you can come back into the in zone of the portal above the cave.

After exiting the  cave and the Radesei Canyon, we penetrate into Radesei Hill, surrounded by rocks with vegetation and abrupt slopes with big spruces. Here the brook Radeasa is united with Feredeului brook and forms the Warm Somes. The Warm Somes Quays offers extravagantly picturesque views of the calcareous walls over 100 m height what comes down. Besides many points of belvedere can be visited the canyon Moloh, Uscata Cave, Honu Cave, Little Tunnel Cave, as well as the wall of limestone of 110 m of Cuciulatii across which is caught sight of the crest wich binds the peaks Piatra Arsa, Piatra Graitoare, Varful Britei si Piatra Talharului, continuing through Vladeasa.

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