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The Flower's Glade

Situated on the versant that comes down from the Galbenei Rock within Galbenei Valley, the Flower’s Glade is constituitaed from a group of glades as some islands in the forest of beech. The Flower’s Valley is a true paradise in the months of summer when hundreds of species of flowers flood park. At the bottom of the glade, to the brim of forest road on Galbenei Valley is a spring with the cold water. The scenery is dominated northwards of Galbenei Rock.

The opposite versant is abrupt wooded splited by  Valea Seaca, wich comes down from Tapu Mountain, bringing alluvia from Groapa Ruginoasa.

In the right side of Seci Valley, Varseci Hills sheltera the cave with the same name, having an imposing portal and a gallery of 440 m.

A series of brooks, marked of forest bands and bushes, crosses the superior part of the glade, creating a valley with considerable flow. That’s why the ground is pretty marshy.

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The Flower's Glade
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The Belis Fantanele Lake
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