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Galbenei Quays

Situated in the South-West of the closed Padis Basin Ponorului Citadels, outwards this, Galbenei Valley represents a passage of drain toward Beiusului Depression of the majority of the waters from Padis Basin. On all its path, the Galbenei Valley contains sectors of narrow quays, parochially of vertical walls and abrupt slopes, having numerous cascades and being extremely hard to wandered through. The sector through the mountain is the most spectacular, the portion among Izbucul Galbenei and confluence with Luncsoara Valley, constituting a narrow canyon, bounded of vertical walls of over 100 m.

The Izbuc is an waterhole of 7 m diameter, placed to of a base rocky wall. Down-stream, the water is thrown down the in cascades.

Grasped in a narrow canyon, Galbenei Valley creates troughes, going through thus a difference of level of 100 m on approximate 700 m in-line aerial length. On the valley appears a mouth of a cave, where the water waves enter very noisy. I tis the begining of the underground tunnel from Galbnenei Quays long of over 100 m and very difficult to practicate. This is finished into a fan cascade fextremely picturesque, rise of 7 m, to base of wich is losted a lake.

A touristic route goes through Galbenei Quays, there are existing touristic facilities, consisting in portions of hawsers and chains for supporta. Due to difficulty and the degree increased of injuriousness, this route is recommended just for experienced tourists and good phisic condition. It is not recommended on bad weather or in the periods with bad winds.

A branch of the route climbs above, in the rocky wall of the quays where exist two points of belvedere suspended about 200 m above the valley, that offers unpublished views about canyon and about the wall of opposite over 300 m height.

The sector from downside, up to confluence with Crisul Pietros, also called and Jgheabului Quays, is also extremely spectacular through the cascades from the zonea of confluence with the affluents from the left part. This portion of quays is not accessible, but above them,  in the both versants there are built forest roads that permit here and there the contemplation of these wildness.

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