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Ponorului Citadels

Ponorului Citadels represents undoubtedly the most grandiose cave phenomenon of Romania, known and appreciated in the whole in world. Ponorului Citadels are formed from three big rocky circus, finded out in a immense wooded depression, of 300 m depth, its superior part having diameter over 1 km. The surrounding which close the depression are cuted just in one place by the canyon of Citadels Valley. Footway of access starts from the forest road and comes down gradually through the forest, on a billowy parallel ground with Citadels Valley within Dolina I.

The sidewall westwardly, of over 150 m height is tear-off by a portal that exceeds 70 m height ant at its base is found the citadels Valley.

The huge portal of Ponorului Citadels suggests a Gothic ogive becomed a kind of symbol of the Apuseni Mountains. The spruces hang up the in walls are the only term of comparation for enormous size of the portal and the wall in which is diged. In the left side we see the superior part of a still more high wall that watches over the  Dolina III, with its two balconies of beams hanging above the abyss.

In the right side of the portal, a part of rockfill ascends below an archway in Dolina II. This is as a matter of fact a circular aven of 200 m height, having to its base two windows: The portion of access from Dolina II below the Portal and a window toward the underground tunnel of Ponorului Citadels cave.

Also, below the Portal, in the left side, a flooded tunnel brings to light awhile the water that comes from from The Lost world and which is missed to less of 1 km excelsior in Caput Cave.

In Dolina III you can enter from Dolina I ascending the metallic scales in the left of the Portal and exceeding the  theshold that separates the two circus. Dolina III has form of triangle with side of 300 m, having in the middle a portal that comes down to an immense part of rockfills. In the western side, above the gallery of access toward the underground sector, it rise a perfect vertical wall over 200 m hight,, in the superior side are aranged two wooden balconies. In the southern side, touristic footway climbs  toward balconies.

The balconies, in number of two above Dolina III and above Dolina II, permit  the contemplation of the sizes of the impressive cave complex of Ponorului Citadels.

Ponorului Citadels
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