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The camp disposes of more than 100 places of accommodation( motel, villa, cottages and mansards), own complete replete kitchen, the dining hall, terraces, central heating, bathes with showers, turret for barbecue, scene, places of the play. 

The motel Cristian has double rooms with own bath and balcony. 

Villa Ioana has 4 double rooms, 1 single room, 3 supplementary beds, 2 bathes( first floors and the floor), kitchen, living sea, balcony, terrace, central heating. 

The cottages are mansardate having 4 beds in room from the first floor and 3 beds in room from abovestairs, washbowl and possible terra-cotta. 

For cottages and mansards there are 6 common baths with showers i utside, immediate in proximity. 

Also there is the possibility installation of own trents.
Holiday Village

Holiday Village

Holiday Village

Motel for youths Cristian

Motel room

Room motel bath

Ioana Villa

Villa room

Villa floor


Mansarde conttage room

Big mansarde

Big mansarde

Small mansarde


The dining hall


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