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The holiday village Ic Ponor-padis is placed in Apuseni Natural Park, in a well known cavity zone, Padis-Ponor's Citadel. All that had the happiness to see these places remained impressed by the of the place and they turned back as often as had the occasion.

The mountain measures you the faith: "...if you have as much faith as a grain of mustard and say the mountain to move here beyond, it will moved...".  

The mountains landscapes always crushes . You n ever successed to contain a mountain and, case in any case, don't successed to contain in all his slops, even concerning apical. Such that, a mountain can give you the suggestion that the God is uncontainable.  

Here, in Ic Ponor-padis, you can enjoy dreamlike landscapes, clean air and you can meditate in in silence. The grandness of a mountain sends always to the grandness of God. Otherwise, the mountains were always the favorable place for the peace of the soul. Hristos was walking frequently in mountain, alone, to pray to His Father. On mountain He changed to the Face, on mountain they gave the blackboards binds old... 

Let fire received on "mountain" not to leave us as soon as we arrive the in" valley"!  

Ways to acces:  
  • Cluj Napoca (or Oradea) - Huedin - Calata - Margau - Rachitele - Doda Pilii - Ic Ponor (the road is practicable all year); 
  • Oradea - Beius - Pietroasa - Padis - Ic Ponor; 
  • Alba Iulia - Campeni - Albac - Matisesti - Poiana Horea - Ic Ponor

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